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A wonderful pale lilac sea glass. I have bezel set it onto a simple D shaped silver band.

Sea glass measures approx. 13mm by 8mm



£ 60 

Blue multi sea glass ring.

Size O

I was so lucky to find this piece of sea glass, just the perfect shape for a ring.

Half the glass has blue stripes the other half is clear with a slight hue of aqua.

The glass is about 13mm long. Hallmarked.


£ 65 

Rare red & white multi sea glass and silver ring 

Size P

Really lucky to find this gorgeous piece of ten and white sea glass.

The sea glass has been set in the ring using a silver rivet to allow the light to shine and reflect off the silver.

Silver band is 4mm wide D shaped, Hallmarked.

R28 - SOLD

A really lovely deep red sea glass ring.

Bezel set on a 3mm wide D shaped silver band.



£ 65 

A blue multi sea glass ring

Size P - P1/2

A rather special round blue multi sea glass pebble ring.

I have mounted this piece onto the ring by drilling and using a silver rivet to allow the light to reflect and shine through the glass.

the silver band is lightly textured and is 4mm wide and Hallmarked.


£ 55 

A Pale green round sea glass ring

Size O

This is a beautiful pale green sea glass ring, with a fabulous round shape really tactile.

The glass measures approx. 15mm in diameter

The silver band is lightly textured and approx. 3mm wide.



£ 50 

A dark blue sea glass ring

Size O/P

This small deep blue sea glass has been bezel set onto a hand forged band to fit the piece of glass.

This is a very easy wearing everyday ring, highlighting the simplicity and beauty of sea glass.

The glass measures approx. 5-6mm in diameter.



£ 50 

Amber sea glass ring

Size N

A lovely amber sea glass ring.  Not so easy to find the perfect shape in amber glass, this one turned out rather well.

bezel set on a lightly textured band.



£ 50 

Pale green sea glass ring

Size O

A beautiful tactile round sea glass ring.

Colour is pale green and approximately 15mm in diameter.

Bezel set on to a 4mm wide lightly textured silver band.