Hand Made Sea Glass Jewellery


Jo Edwards

If you are a collector of sea glass you will probably be aware that the North East of England is blessed with great beaches for sea glass collecting.

In victorian times this region was home to many glass manufacturers who, as was the way back then, disposed of their waste glass easily and quickly by throwing it into the sea.  Over many decades mother nature has worked her magic and turned this discarded waste into something beautiful.

I have been collecting sea glass for well over 20 years.  Back then I would pick the colourful pieces to fill glass bottles and sit them on the window sill so the sunlight shone through. 

I decided that these gems are too beautiful to be kept hidden. With many hours learning to drill the glass I made simple pendants for friends and family. I had a deep desire to progress on and incorporate silver into my work.

After enrolling in silversmithing classes for jewellery making and with practice, I was finding my way to try and enhance these beautiful gems from the sea.

I hope you enjoy exploring my sites much as I have enjoyed collecting the sea glass and making the jewellery.